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Replacement Windows Terms and Definitions

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Replacement windows for your home are an important decision. You'll find many words you've probably never seen or heard before. We have provided a list of these replacement window terms and definitions for our users.

Air Space
Area between the panes, or layers of glazing of a window.
Angle Bay Window
Multiple windows arrange to project from a wall.
Term used to name the various parts, such as a lintel, jamb and moldings, which surround a window or door.
Below grade, open space, which allows light or access to a basement door or window.
Awning Window
An out-swinging window hinged at the top.
Back Band
Molding which primarily is utilized as a door casing or around the outer edge of a rectangular window.
Bay Window
A projection formed by three windows that are joined at obtuse angles.
A form of movable insulation that uses tiny polystyrene beads blown into the space between two window panes.
Before Sheathing Window
Term for a window, which is, installed prior to the sheathing being installed, having an extra strip of wood on the side that is nailed directly through to the studs. It is more difficult to install than a window that is installed after sheathing.
Belt Course
Narrow, horizontal, decorative brick course which projects slightly from the rest of the masonry, such as with window sills.
Blind Stop
Stop for a storm window and/or screen that is a rectangular molding piece of the window frame.
Bow Window
A curved projection formed by five or more windows that are joined at obtuse angles.
A small supporting piece of wood or stone, often formed of scrolls or other decorative shapes, designed to bear a projected weight, such as a window.
Casement Window
A window with hinges on one of the vertical sides and swings open like a normal door.
Check Rail
Also called meeting rails, they are the top horizontal sash member of the bottom window and the bottom horizontal sash member of the top window in a double hung window that mate together tightly when closed, permitting no air passage between the sashes.

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