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Casement Windows

Casement windows were once the most common form of domestic window before the introduction of the sash. They are designed contemporary in style, allowing more light to enter the window, while also providing a larger view. It is a window unit in which the single sash levers outward, to the right or left. Casement windows are still frequently installed in new homes and are common in the Western United States.

Casement Windows Manufacturers

Casement windows are made by many replacement windows manufacturers. Here is a list of the most common manufacturers of casement replacement windows and details about their lines of casement windows.

  • Hurd Windows: Offers a FeelSafe line of windows and patio doors.
  • Milgard Windows: Offers casement windows in a variety of materials.
  • Pella Windows: Manufacturers many types of windows.
  • Weather Shield: Provides a great number of design options in the window and door business.
  • Andersen Windows: Provides several types of windows.
  • Loewen Windows: Provides a full line of premium wood window styles with distinctive designs, including casement windows.
  • Thermal Industries, Inc.: Provides a variety of window types.

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