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Garden Windows

Garden windows are a great way to let the sun into any room. There are many styles of garden windows with nearly every option and design variation imaginable. If you are already faced with a window replacement project, a garden window might just be the choice for you. Installing one can make a room appear more spacious and open. Some garden windows have special curved insulated glass to eliminate the center frame member for a more contemporary open appearance.

Garden windows are also constructed to be very energy efficient. With the bottom seat and shelf designed to hold a planter or flower pots, they are insulated to maintain a fairly even year-round temperature for your planters. Since garden windows extend out from the exterior wall of your home, they even catch breezes in the summer for effective natural self cooling.

Usually, casement windows that open from the side are used for garden windows. They can have the hinge side near the house or away. They also have double lock latches on each side for security and an airtight seal when they are closed. Many garden windows use vinyl frames and are available in basic colors, white, and tan and brown. Vinyl is maintenance-free and improves insulation. They can even be filled with foam for extra insulation.

Garden Windows Manufacturers

Garden windows are made by many replacement windows manufacturers. Here is a list of the most common manufacturers of garden replacement windows and details about their lines of garden windows.

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