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Steel Windows

Steel windows are common in industrial buildings. While they have never been popular for residential use, they do appear in pre-war modernist homes, and basement windows set in wells. The advantage to steel is that it's very strong. As a result, glass area can be maximized since window parts can be made extremely thin. Steel is durable, but not maintenance free; it will rust if you don't keep paint on it. Steel is also a poor thermal insulator, so heat escapes through the sash and frame, while moisture condenses on interior surfaces.

Steel Windows Benefits

There are many benefits to installing steel windows in your home. Here we have listed some of the best qualities of steel replacement windows.

  • High strength results in safer windows
  • Steel windows are fire resistant
  • Consistent material quality
  • Steel is unaffected by termites or chemical pesticides
  • Unsusceptible to any type of fungi, mold or any organism
  • Does not expand or contract with moisture or temperature changes
  • Extremely durable in earthquakes, hurricanes, hail storms, and snow loads
  • Steel windows are environmentally friendly

Steel Windows Manufacturers

Steel windows are manufactured by many replacement window companies. Below we have listed the most popular makers of steel replacement windows and details about their lines of steel windows.

  • Hope's Windows, Inc.: Includes custom steel windows, security windows, and fire rated windows.
  • Re-View: Full service restoration of wood & steel windows.
  • Optimum Window: Specializes in fire-rated steel windows. Includes three designs; double-hung or single-hung, sliding and projected.
  • Seekircher Steel Window Repair Corp.: Repairs and restores all steel windows and doors.
  • Monarch Manufacturing: Offers a complete line of windows.
  • Fleming Door Products Limited: Produces steel doors and frames including paintable galvanized steel. Manufacturer for all markets.
  • Torrance Steel Window Co., Inc.: Offers custom hot rolled steel windows.
  • Kawanee Corporation: Produces hollow metal steel windows and frames, and basement window products.

Looking For More Information About Steel Windows?

Steel windows are a great investment. You'll want to make sure you are choosing the right replacement windows for your home and your budget. We offer Free Replacement Window Quotes from local, prescreened contractors.

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